Programs, Actions and Initiatives

The Smart Rail Route Map identifies ten programs, actions and initiatives (see below images) which have been identified as high-level priorities by workshop participants. An ARA Executive Committee will now priortise these for ongoing development and implementation.


These programs, actions and initiatives are structured against the four key focus areas that were agreed by industry as the areas most likely impacted by the introduction of new technologies:


  • Passenger Customer Experience

  • Freight Customer Experience

  • Traffic & Network Management

  • High Performing Railways

The ten high-priority programs, actions and initiatives have been identified and prioritised by industry participants as the most effective steps to meet the Route Map’s broader goals and objectives. The Route Map maps out potential timelines for the development and implementation of these initiatives, and how they interact with other measures.

Actions and Initiatives

Initiative 1:

Disruption management for passenger rail

Communicating effectively with customers during disruption.

Initiative 2:
Customised information services for passenger rail

Development of information services to passenger customers.


Initiative 3:

Predictive journey planning techniques for passenger rail

Provision of journey listing options for current and future travel.

Initiative 4:

Real-time information for freight customers

Supporting the ability of freight customers to secure on time delivery and to track and trace their location using the Internet of Things.

Initiative 5:

Data sharing platform across the freight supply chain

Implementation of a data sharing platform across the industry.

Initiative 6:

Identify key data requirements for traffic and network management

Defining what information and knowledge can be developed from data.


Initiative 7:

AI and automation for system management

Working towards industry agreement on the adoption of a global approach for a standard data exchange and formatting.

Initiative 8:

Management of technology traffic and network legacy systems

Program to manage the transition to new digital technologies


Industry Goals

Initiative 9:

Upskill the industry

A staged program to up-skill the industry


Initiative 10:

Improve safety through advanced technology

A program to introduce new technology systems that facilitate early detection of safety threats and an early response


Industry Objectives